Vinciguerra Custom Shop Guitars was founded in 1994 by Luthier Mark Vinciguerra
His dream was to see his custom bass and guitar designs become a reality. Being a player from a very young age, Mark became his first and most demanding customer! The first design to become reality was the Archer bass. It was field tested in the studio and on the stage by Mark and tweaked to the bass it is today. The second design was the Treader guitar, co-designed with professional Nashville player and VCS Endorsing Artist, Chance Chameron James. Chance passed away this year (2014), he will be missed by us here very much. He was a true champion for Mark as a friend, a prayer warrior and for the VCS brand of guitars! 
20 years later Mark has expanded his designs to 7 bass styles and 5 guitar styles. Althou still utilizing the hand building techniques Mark has developed over his lifetime, he has spent the last 5 years training in the art of CAD designing and CNC implementation of his designs. It has been a very slow process because Mark is still his most demanding customer........ "They have got to feel right". Often thru this learning curve into CNC technology, Mark will take a completly CNC carved neck and bring it to the old school shaper to get it closer to what feels right, then hand carve the rest......... Then it's back to the CAD program to adjust for the next one. When asking Mark if the CNC will ever give him exactly what his hands want to feel, he replies " I won't know that until it happens...... But until then, we'll keep tweaking!"