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About Us

The Violin Shop Florida Local Service. World Class Quality. Quality Instruments

It is tempting to think that all bowed string instruments (violins, violas, cellos, and basses) are made the same. When looking to rent or purchase an instrument, buyers are faced with a myriad of choices as you can imagine. We at The Violin Shop Florida make no attempt to compete on the low quality spectrum of orchestral string instruments. Our instruments are carefully chosen to be of the utmost quality and value and our highly trained repair staff individually sets up each instrument from student to professional. Our rental program makes high quality student instruments available for just about any budget. For those with a larger budget, we also also offer more advanced instruments for rental. Our prices are better than anything available on the Internet or in traditional retail stores of equivalent quality. Does a beginner need quality instrument or should they look to a quality instrument only once they are more accomplished on the instrument? Our experience is that a quality instrument is more important for a beginner and that inexperienced students need an instrument that gives them the best feedback as to whether they are playing correctly. Nothing is more frustrating for a student than playing an instrument correctly and having the instrument respond poorly. A professional or experienced student will blame the instrument, the inexperienced student will blame themselves. Every instrument from our rental and sale stock goes through strict testing to ensure that students through professionals are getting the highest quality instruments. 

Local Service The Violin Shop Florida is Florida based and owned with shops in Naples and Boca Raton and representatives throughout Florida and Puerto Rico. We offer full service orchestral string shops which provide rentals, repairs, restorations, and accessories. We support many local Florida based business and organizations and provide the full spectrum of orchestral string products for hands on trial to Florida residents. We are very proud to watch so many Florida students start with our rental instruments and grow into higher end instruments. Doing business with The Violin Shop Florida means supporting Florida and we are confident that we can serve you throughout your entire playing career. 

World Class Quality William Fleischer, our owner, Master Luthier and President has over five decades of experience in the bowed string business once running one of the most successful violin shops in Boston and starting The Violin Shop Florida in 1999. He apprenticed with masters in both Europe and the United States, and has been a professional luthier for over 40 years. Mr. Fleischer personally chooses the instruments we provide at The Violin Shop Florida and trains every repair person to exacting standards for every instrument at every price point. Throughout his career, he has taught and trained numerous craftsmen and luthiers who continue to work in the upper echelons of the bowed string instrument industry.


To assist our customers in connecting with their instruments through education, professional service and dedication to our craft.


Hard work, dedication, and practice…it makes good business and good violin players!


Since 1999, The Violin Shop Florida has been selling and servicing quality string instruments to beginners and professionals alike.

Services at The Violin Shop Florida 

Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment for our workshop services. From basic repairs and restringing to full restorations, The Violin Shop Florida can handle the task. We offer the following services:
  • Complete restoration of fine instruments
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Bow Rehair
  • Adjustments
  • Accessories
Over 30 years of experience, quality and professionalism
  • Professionally-trained luthiers on site
  • Specialists in solving all manner of difficult restoration problems
  • Routinely entrusted to work on instruments and bows of masters such as Stradivarius, Gagliano, Bergonzi, Landolfi, Scarampella, Grancino, Picatte, Hill, Satory, Bazin, Voirin, and Vigeron.