Youth Orchestra

The Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (NPYO) will celebrate its 16th season in 2016-17. This intensive program provides opportunities for accomplished middle school and high school student musicians to perform a wide-range of symphonic works under the baton of Yaniv Segal, Assistant Conductor of the Naples Philharmonic. The NPYO performs side-by-side with the Naples Philharmonic at the annual Summer Spectacular concert.

Auditions are held in the fall and spring. Once selected, student musicians rehearse on Sundays afternoons from September through May.

Chamber Music Program

Select members of the NPYO are further challenged to develop their musical abilities through the newly introduced NPYO chamber music program. All NPYO chamber groups are coached weekly by Naples Philharmonic musicians, and performances take place in Daniels Pavilion. Chamber music placement is dependent on student interest and ensemble availability.


Combining the talents of Naples’ most gifted middle and high school-aged musicians, the Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra delights audiences in these popular annual concerts.


Fall Youth Orchestra auditions will take place August 30–September 1, 2016, at Artis—Naples. Anyone interested in auditioning should email [email protected]
2016-17 Youth Orchestra Schedule

Audition Excerpts

Students wishing to audition should prepare major scales through three sharps and three flats, including arpeggios — two octaves minimum, three octaves recommended. Prepare two short solo pieces displaying technical ability (faster), and lyrical ability (slower). Be sure to bring a copy of the music for the judges to review. Excerpts for the particular instrument will be heard, and students may be asked to sight read a short passage. The fee for the audition is $15 for those who are not currently a member of other youth ensemble groups at Artis—Naples.

Solo Repertoire

  • Be prepared to play two contrasting solo pieces of your selection, totaling 2-3 minutes. One more technical (faster) and one more lyrical (slower).
  • These selections should showcase your ability, so select pieces that will best demonstrate this for the judges.
  • Bring two photo copies of this selection for the judges.


  • Be prepared to play major scales in keys with up to three sharps and three flats, including arpeggios.
  • 2 octave minimum, 3 octave recommended

Orchestral Excerpts

  • Be prepared to play the orchestral excerpts for your instrument available for download from the links provided.
  • Prepare these pieces as completely as you prepare your solo piece.
  • Bring your copy of the excerpt to the audition.

Sight Reading

  • You may be asked to sight read a short passage.

For more information and to schedule an audition, please contact Naples Philharmonic Youth Orchestra at [email protected].