Nikolai Tambovsky’s instrument store is a family owned business. Nikolai has operated the store for more than 30 years making and selling violins, violas, cellos, and basses providing string instrument players with everything needed for their musical endeavors. Like many, Nikolai Tambovsky was introduced to the magical world of music at the tender age of four, when the sound of the violin enraptured him with its graceful form and enchanting melodies. As a result of being thus enamored, he decided to study professionally, mastering such works as the Tchaikovsky and Sibelius violin concertos, continuing to discover the secrets of the sound of the Violin. Shortly thereafter he was plunged into the mysterious world of maple and spruce woods, creating violins from their raw form. The creation of the violin became a labor of love, enabling him to produce the sound he had been seeking. The sounds of Nikolai Tambovsky’s violins carried the richness and nuance of the human voice as well as its depth of emotion, enjoyed by so many string instrument players today. This has made him one of the best known contemporary violin makers today.


We can offer a wide range of well-maintained string instruments, including our fine violins, violas, and cellos. We feel that we are able to offer the very best in string instrument rentals at the most affordable rates. Our instruments are carefully setup and tonally adjusted in the Tambovsky Strings for exceptional playability and a broad palette of tone colors. Ideal for players expanding their range of musical expression, they are reasonably-priced and posses a smooth and mellow, yet clear sound. All our instruments are made from solid selected spruce on top and curly maple wood on the back, with ebony or boxwood pegs, ebony fingerboard, and a metal or wood tailpiece. Download the Payment Plan form For models and availability view our Instrument page.


We are extremely proud of our workshop. Nikolai’s level of musicianship is priceless when it comes time to try the instrument after the set-up. For 20 years, we have been the choice of finest musicians around the world.

  • Professional and experienced instrument and bow repair workshop
  • We offer free repair estimates


A complete written appraisal is given with each instrument, and bow that is purchased from Tambovsky Strings, and the appraisals can be updated upon request of the owner. Appraisals at Tambovsky Strings are generally written for insurance purposes to outline the replacement value of you property. It is a basic description of the physical characteristics of your instrument or bow, exact measurements, and how the instrument or bow is labeled or branded.

Written Appraisals

A written appraisal includes the measurements, name of the maker or possibility, origin, age, condition, and overall appearance and tone.

Verbal Appraisals

A verbal appraisal includes a assessment of when, where the instrument or bow was made, and the current value. Download the Insurance Appraisal form


The Tambovsky String’s Rental Program offers:

  • Broad selection of violins, violas, cellos, & basses in all sizes
  • Easy upgrade to larger sizes at no additional charge
  • Credit from rental fees applied to purchase of an instrument
  • Insurance included for instrument maintenance and accidents — no extra charge
  • Professional repair on premises
  • Payments automatically charged to debit card, credit card or bank draft
  • Rental contracts require two forms of payment and driver’s license
  • No interest on rental fees


Instruments previously purchased from Tambovsky Strings are guaranteed to be accepted as a trade-in toward future purchase(s). 100% of the instrument’s original sales price will be credited to the new purchase, subject to following conditions:

Terms & Conditions

The instrument remains in the same condition as when originally sold by Tambovsky Strings. Normal wear and tear, such as wear to bow hair, strings, finger board, bridge, pegs, minor scratches, and open seams are acceptable. Moderate to major damage such as cracks, broken necks, broken edges, corners, sound post splits, etc…, may either void the trade guarantee or result in a reduction of the instrument’s value, at the sole judgment of Tambovsky Strings.