Stringfest specializes in sales, rentals, repairs and restorations of violins, violas, cellos, basses, guitars and mandolins. Visit our mandolin web site, The Mando Shop, for a selection of quality mandolins.
Stringfest is a full service string shop offering repairs and restoration of the violin family instruments. We also do exceptional setups on guitars and mandolins. Please contact us to discuss your repair needs at (850) 222-7467 or email [email protected].

About Stringfest

Stringfest is located in the Calhoun Street Historic District in downtown Tallahassee, Florida The Mando Shopin the historic Gibson House. This neighborhood developed in the 1840s and was the setting for many of Tallahassee’s most prominent homes. During the 1880s Calhoun Street became known as the "Gold Dust Street", counting among its residents prominent leaders of government, business, and society.
In 1923 R.H. Gibson built "The Gibson House", a craftsman style bungalow. Craftsman style bungalows were a popular style in the early 20th century. In 2007 Kyle and Marion Dunn restored the Gibson house as the new home of Stringfest. This is the front porch entrance as it exists today.IStringfest Buildingn 2011 I had this dream about building a new home and workshop in the back parking lot behind Stringfest. Here is The Gibson House as it was before we started building. The Mando Shop
What started out as a small project turned into building the home and workshop of my dreams. Here is the building after we added the new home connected by a breezeway.
Here is a photo that better shows the breezeway and how the historic building connects to our new home. The window frames on the lower floor of the home, that just barely show above the car roof tops, are my workshop windows. I walk out of the back of the music store and I'm home and take an elevator ride down to my workshop, truly a dream place to live and work. My brother recently reminded my that my grandmother was the first in the family to have a home above her small grocery store business. Grandma would be proud.
Thank you for visiting Stringfest. Regards, Kyle