Stringendo School For Strings Summer Academy is a six week period in which a select group of approximately one hundred highly motivated string players will come together for an intense session of unparalleled focus and drive creating one of the most unique and inspiring environments for progress imaginable. Students receive individual attention from some of the most sought after pedagogues, soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians in the world. Three divisions allow students from beginning levels to the highly advanced take advantage of this environment which has become a spawning ground for solo, chamber, orchestral and teaching careers alike. Together with large blocks of uninterrupted practice time, one on one mentoring, chamber coaching, studio and master-classes, and ample performance opportunities, students are able to surpass their expectations summer after summer. Through the shared experiences of trials and triumphs along with the lighter moments of recreational activities, students and mentors alike form cherished memories and lasting bonds that they will take with them through the rest of their lives

Student Information

8:00            Solfege
9:00            Practice/Lessons
12:00          Lunch
1:00            Freetime
2:00            Orchestra/Quartet
4:00            Recreation
5:00            Parent Pick-up

Mornings consist of solfege classes, practice time and lessons. Lunch is in the cafeteria and the afternoons are spent in chamber orchestra, master classes, quartet rehearsals or coaching’s, and free time either in the gym or on the intramural field.

Each student will receive a one half hour lesson with a faculty member each week. Students receive invaluable instruction in the areas of mechanical technique, musical phrasing, and artistic styles. Another important aspect of these lessons is receiving crucial feedback as to their own practice effectiveness and how well they are implementing and executing the instruction they are being given.

Tartini Group
The Tartini group is age 5-7 and is a beginning level group.  This group focuses on beginning foundational technique, scales & arpeggios, etudes and repertoire.  The group is geared toward real progress in a fun and motivating environment.

Sarasate Group 
The Sarasate Group is an intermediate level group age 8-12.  In addition to fundamentals of technique and practice technique, students at this level work on their listening skills, critical thinking skills as well as more advanced technique and repertoire.

Paganini Group
The Paganini group is an advanced level group the focuses their time on learning and performing the standard classical literature of their instrument.  Their day consists of a daily four hour practice block in the morning, as well as lessons, studio classes, master classes and performances.

Student Concerts
All students will have the opportunity to perform while at Stringendo.  Each week consists of two student recitals and a final concert Friday evening at 5:00 p.m.