Established in 2007, we take decades of experience in the guitar industry and apply it to your specific needs. We offer tailored setups, restoration work, custom finishes, pickup and electronics upgrades as well as building heirloom quality custom electric guitars. Whether it's your guitar, or one of ours, we want it to be the best playing and coolest looking guitar you can have.

Kip Elder –Owner/Luthier
I got into the guitar tech business because I spent many years on the road playing professionally and needed set ups etc. but didn't want to keep paying anyone else. So, I bought tools. And more tools. Eventually, I had enough to start a shop in my garage. It grew into Starr Guitars and here we are today. I love this business because I am fascinated by the mechanical end of these things, both acoustic and electric. I especially got into the finishing of these instruments and developed our niche of high end lacquer finishing. I hope to see Starr Guitars continue to grow into a major player in repairing, customizing, and building guitars that players will want to keep picking on for generations. We love the vintage guitars from the Golden Era as well as the contemporary and cutting edge. Need help with yours? Please stop by!

Ken Hountz – Sales and Marketing / Vice President
Ken is my right-hand man. He made it possible to take a simple idea and turn it into a real company. He has been involved with the music business for over 30 years.
Ken started in New York in the 70’s working for major record labels and spent many years knocking around in band after band. He eventually took to the financial world and became a major player in the investment community handling millions of dollars on a daily basis. He’s a guitarist at heart and has a real knack for combining business with guitars and guitar building. He also has a no-nonsense approach to getting things done! Ken still plays locally and has a real passion for guitars. He also has his own sound and lighting company.

Jack Bartlett 
Jack came to us by chance during a conversation at a gig I was playing. He had been a long-time tech for our bands and had such a great work ethic I thought he might be a good fit for our shop. He learned quick and has become invaluable keeping the work flow moving and lacquer flowing.