Make Music In School

A long tradition of excellence distinguishes St. Petersburg College as an outstanding undergraduate Fine Arts Program. SPC's comprehensive curriculum and highly-qualified faculty allow for numerous artistic directions and career paths as Music students learn their craft. SPC offers the highest quality private instruction in voice, piano, pipe organ or orchestral instruments. They are among the finest musicians and instructors in the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida.

Endless Possibilities

At SPC, you can:

A music "major" emphasizes music courses as part of their Associate in Arts degree so they can transfer to a four-year college, university or conservatory to complete a bachelor’s degree in Music or Music Education. To be designated as a music major, a student will:

  • Pass an audition in the principal performing area and enroll in applied music in that area.
  • Perform in one student recital each term and attend the other recitals.
  • Perform for a jury exam at the end of each term.
  • Participate in a major college ensemble in the performing area (band or chorus) during each term in which the student is also receiving lessons as a music major.
  • Enroll in Music Theory (or Fundamentals of Music, if needed for remediation).
  • Enroll in secondary applied piano. If piano is the primary instrument, any other applied music area may be selected as a secondary proficiency.

This two-year A.A. degree is equivalent to the first two years of four-year university music schools and consists of four areas of instruction:

  • Music Theory
  • Applied Music lessons in the primary performance proficiency area
  • Applied Music lessons in the secondary performance area
  • Ensembles