We are a recording/rehearsal studio in the City of Progress, Hialeah. Our mission; to be the home of South Floridas Independent Music Scene. Laid back and equiped to the hilt, the Shack North is the best place to rehearse, record, and most importantly create your music.

The Shack North,just 2 blocks north of it's now defunct older sibling “The Shack”, is a rehearsal / recording collective.

We pride ourselves on good ambiance and great sound, the two things that inspire great rehearsals and great performances.

There are not many rules here. No smoking in the building, however, you are more than welcome to indulge yourself just outside the kitchen and lounge door. Respect the place and it will respect you back – we promise. We encourage recycling with recycle bins set up inside and out.

The Shack North features a super-clean rehearsal and live room,  16 foot ceilings, wood floors, a comfy red velvet couch and central A/C. Since we are a rehearsal and recording studio, the live room is built out and has been professionally acoustically tuned. What this means is that there is very little unnecessary bouncing of sound. Our control room was designed and tuned by the designers of the now-legendary Criteria Recording Studio’s state-of-the-art Studio B.

We have purposely limited our space to one band at a time. There is nothing more annoying than trying to rehearse and having the rumble of another band coming thru the walls. With that in mind, we knew that our booking time would be compromised, tight and limiting, but we feel it's more productive and comfortable for everyone involved this way.

Here is a list of our clients. We think they are happy customers, ‘cause they keep coming back.