Paris Banchetti - String Instrument Construction & Repair

6780 SW 70th Ave, Miami, FL 33143, USA

Paris Banchetti, a traditionalist as a Luthier, utilizes not only old world skills as a craftsman, but employs modern Luthier techniques. His workroom is a study in finished masterpieces and works-in-progress. His craftsmanship imparts a soul to his instruments.

  • Italian-born Banchetti emigrated to the US in 1975, after having lived in Paris for 6 years.
  • Because he always spent at least 60% of his time working on repairs, he became involved in instruments of the violin family, especially upright basses. Realizing that there was a niche market to be filled, he invented the electronic practical bass in 1986, an instrument now well accepted by both amateurs and professional bassists.

While still living in Italy, Banchetti began working as a fine cabinet maker. In 1953, he emigrated to Brazil where he met the Spanish Luthier Juan Orozco, who was a disciple of Santos Hernandez. Banchetti worked with Orozco for two years then began working on his own, building mainly Classical and Flamenco guitars and basses.

After leaving Brazil, Banchetti resided in Uruguay, France, and Italy. This helped bring an international flavor to his craft. Paris is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

As a master Luthier, no instrument passes Banchetti's acceptance without possessing the clear, sweet sound he expects from all of his guitars and basses.