We are, at our core, artists and advocates who are gifted with a passion for music, and have both the tremendous privilege and unshakable responsibility to share it. Music speaks for the heart, and profoundly impacts the growth, enrichment, inspiration, healing, maturity, and expression of the human experience. The Orlando Philharmonic seeks to be the wellspring of music in Central Florida–nourishing the soul of the community with music that speaks to, and sometimes for,  each person. Accordingly, the hallmark of the orchestra is versatility. It strives for artistic excellence and thrives on diversity in genre, in programming, in collaboration, in audiences, and in the musicians themselves. Each season embarks on another musical adventure, where orchestra and audiences together are challenged by grand masterworks, intrigued by imaginative opera, inspired in enthusiastic youth programs, stretched by demanding chamber works, illuminated by fresh composition, and energized by engaging pops.

And therefore…

The Philharmonic desires to be the partner of choice in artistic collaboration, building upon past successes with artists and educators, composers and poets,  theatrical producers and ballet troupes, animators and media creators, and beyond. The Philharmonic believes that music is not static but is ever-changing.Therefore developing and premiering new music is critical to the culture and to the orchestra, alongside a repertoire that celebrates the great genius and achievements of the symphonic tradition. The Philharmonic is committed to fostering both the joy and the wide-ranging benefits of arts education for all ages. The orchestra seeks to stimulate growth and learning through music across the entire community. The Philharmonic believes that a performance stage is defined by the enthusiasm and quality of the performance. Music can and should be made anywhere that people are, and the Philharmonic performs in hospitals, schools, parks, and on stages of all kinds in order to enrich and connect with the community at large. The Philharmonic’s musicians are the heart of the organization and, as artist-residents, seek to serve, encourage, and nurture the community with great music performed with the highest degree of professionalism and artistic excellence.