postheadericon About Nick's Piano Showroom

Getting Started:
Nick began his career as a Piano Technician in 1986 after also completing ten years of classical piano study.  After gaining experience tuning and preparing pianos for concert artists he qualified for membership in the Master Piano Technicians of America in 1992.  Being in the classification of 'only by ear' tuner has enabled him to develop excellent voicing skills for the most consistent preparation benefiting all of the pianos he services. 

Nick's first piano showroom served the Tampa Bay area for 12 years beginning in 1993.  In 2005, an opportunity to purchase a facility along I-75 to serve Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples presented itself.  This also made it possible to develop a business model which drastically reduced the high operating expense of retail piano stores, thereby allowing customers to obtain fine pianos at substantial savings, and still enjoy a high level of personal service.  The location serving Tampa was sold to Dave's Piano Showroom. 

Recent Developments:
Nick's way of doing business was embraced by piano buyers from Fort Myers & Naples who would drive an hour or more to the Venice location.  Increasing sales made possible the purchase of a new location in Bonita Springs, FL between Fort Myers and Naples in 2011, which now serves as a destination for clients from Tampa to Miami and beyond.  Nick has been established in Florida longer than most other piano dealers in Naples & Fort Myers and owns his location while also having the lowest overhead, and therefore can guarantee the lowest prices on some of the best quality pianos!  In 2012 it was decided that the majority of Nick's customers would be served from the single location in Bonita Springs, FL where Nick also resides.  The Venice location has been retained for warehouse space.

A Message From the Owner:
Having helped thousands of satisfied customers over the years, I can also help you to find the piano of your dreams! Since I am a pianist and piano technician, you will experience a different shopping experience that will make you more informed, and thoroughly delighted.  Buying a piano should be a wonderful experience but is sometimes confusing.  I always advise my customers to take the time to learn something about pianos - what differences there are and how to compare and evaluate them without making prior assumptions.  I am also pleased to answer all of your piano questions.

A knowledgeable customer is more likely to choose an instrument that is right for their purposes and to be pleased with their choice for the long term.  I enjoy taking the time to explain piano design and construction, and to show how it bears on the sound and the feel of a piano as well as on its longevity.  After all, a piano is likely to be a part of your life and your home for a long time so I consider it to be my responsibility to help you find the piano that is right for you. 

Finally, although a piano may be a once in a lifetime purchase, I have found in over 20 years of business that it can be the start of a relationship that lasts years, even decades with customers.  It is very rewarding to see how the piano enriches the lives of my customers long term.  Whatever my involvement before, during, and after the sale - even for customers I may not actually meet - I will make sure to add lasting value to your selection through proper preparation and ongoing service, to ensure your complete satisfaction for many years.  This is what I value the most.

The best combination of high quality and low price in Southwest Florida is featured every day at Nick's Piano Showroom!

postheadericon Pianos at Nick's Piano Showroom

Most major piano brands are available for side-by-side comparison at Nick's Piano Showroom. Nick has extensive knowledge and experience and he shares this with his clients.  His goal is for you to be well informed when making such an important purchase. Because shopping for a piano can often get confusing, here are some interesting facts about popular piano brands: 

STEINWAY:  Steinway does not actually make most of the pianos that they sell.  Rather, they are made for Steinway by other companies in countries overseas.  These other companies naturally make their own fine pianos, so you can actually get higher quality pianos for much less, and these pianos are sold at Nick's Piano Showroom.  Most people visiting the Steinway dealer do not realize that only the grand pianos costing $63,100 or more are actually made by Steinway! 

YAMAHA & KAWAI:  These are the two piano makers of Japan which have excellent long track records.  These are also the top two brands in digital pianos.  Kawai has the distinction of being the only piano company in Japan to build a Tier 1 piano, and it is the only major piano company still owned by the family making pianos that bear their name as a specialist in producing keyboard instruments.  Known for their quality and innovation worldwide, and especially for how their acoustic and digital pianos sound and feel, is why they are featured at Nick's Piano Showroom. 

ESTONIA:  A top competitor and choice for a European piano at a surprisingly affordable price.  Because of this they are known for being the best value among the high end pianos with prices only slightly higher than Japanese made pianos.  They are truly exotic in every way and every detail of them has been impressively perfected.  They are often pre-sold and dealer allocations are limited, but try to see them if you can at Nick's Piano Showroom. 

MASON & HAMLIN:  Arguably the finest piano being made in the United States today!  Lush, singing, and powerful American sound.  The Mason & Hamlin pianos made today are truly spectacular and reminiscent of the golden age of American piano manufacturing together with today's technology. 

PIANODISC:  #1 selling player piano system worldwide.  Most musical and high performance, easiest to use, comes with the most free music, and is engineered to be future-proof. 

As a pianist and piano technician, I am able to carefully evaluate today's piano market in order to bring you the greatest value.  Most of my selection exhibits the European philosophy of tonality with a rounded yet clear, singing, beautiful sound.  Along with excellent technical preparation which I personally perform, the result is remarkable value at every price level.  The combination of carefully selected brands along with meticulous preparation makes a noticeable and appreciable difference at Nick's Piano Showroom.  I am also able to hand select only the nicest, cleanest used pianos for you for even greater savings! 

Nick's Piano Showroom is the only dealer in the region representing new Kawai, Baldwin, Estonia, Mason & Hamlin, and Brodmann pianos.  These are truly 'must see' pianos that will exceed your expectations at every level.  These outstanding pianos are continuously being compared to brands costing considerably more and are receiving highest ratings and online reviews.  For this reason, customers often travel 1 or 2 hours from Tampa, Sarasota, or Miami to Nick's Piano Showroom for such an important and rewarding purchase experience.  You won't be disappointed! 



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