Our History

Brandon StoreFirst opening its doors in 1996, Music Showcase was originally Cutro's Music. We carry a great line of instruments (band and orchestra, guitars, amps, keyboards, and drums), accessories, printed music, karaoke, accompaniment tapes and CDs, and a gift boutique. Some major brand names we carry include Yamaha, Selmer/Bach, Glaesel, Knilling, Roland, Fender, Pearl, Marshall, Korg, Martin, and Dean. At our store, you will find people who are real musicians and teachers. We carry the best products so our customers be their best and reach their highest potential. Any time we don't have something you want in stock, let us know and we'll try to find it for you! Quality is our service and we truly do care for our customers. Our involvement with public education include the work of four road representatives who regularly visit local middle and high schools for workshops, rental and lease information, repair pickups, and community news. Located in the same building, our ELITE Center boasts 50 qualified teachers who teach virtually all instruments. In addition, we house the Florida Academy of Performing Arts, which offers an exciting array of programs that is constantly expanding. We have musical theatre, showchoirs, group guitar, general music programs, orchestra, group violin, jazz band, rock band, drum line, open mic, and more. Our in-house repair shop turns most repairs around in one to three days. We repair strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and guitars. View our Instrument Maintenance and Repair page for estimated prices and descriptions of work performed.

The Music Showcase Difference

Helping Parents and StudentsHelping Parents

We help you provide for and support your child's participation in school music programs by...

  • Renting instruments at an affordable price so you do not feel pressured into purchasing
  • Giving your child access to the positive, life-changing benefits of active-music making
  • Providing quality, affordable, teacher approved products and services designed to help your child succeed
  • Providing convenient, reliable, and timely service after the sale so your child can make music with minimal interruptions*

*i.e. quick and efficient repairs, carrying products you need to keep up the playability of instruments, even lessons to enhance the education your child receives at school!

Helping Students

We help students enjoy the benefits of making music in their school music programs by...

  • Providing quality, properly adjusted products to help the student learn to make music quickly
  • Providing reliable and timly service to help the student continue to make music with minimal interruptions
  • Providing opportunities for the student to enhance his or her music education experience with either lessons, programs, or workshops
Helping Teachers

We help local teachers and assist their school music programs by...

  • Offering personal consultations with each director to understand the needs of his or her program
  • Providing routine, scheduled, dependable calls by our qualified sales professionals
  • Providing reliable support and solutions through quality products, services, and information
Music Showcase is a school music dealer that really cares.

Emerging Leaders In Theatre and Music Performance Education

Emerging Leaders In Theatre and Music Performance Education (ELITE) describes a perpetual generation of musically educated people of all ages and backgrounds. Here at Music Showcase, our goal is to build a community of wonder and beauty, and to help people discover and develop their gifts, so that they can learn ways to better the world. The gift of music extends far beyond pitches and notes, and can help a person improve memory, brain function, confidence, and expressivity. We believe in keeping theatre and music alive, and in the necessity of the arts for a thriving society. Here at the ELITE Center, you can put your dream into action by taking music lessons in our beautiful, spacious facilty located near the intersection of Kings and Brandon Boulevard. With 50 teachers who specialize in 30 different intruments, we are partnered with the Florida Academy of Performing Arts (FAOPA) and offer both individual training and group learning. Group classes include full-length musicals for all ages, show choirs, rock bands and group instrument classes. The ELITE Team serves as an outreach program in support of our vision and mission, and includes our top students. An audition-based group of talented child and adult singers and pianists, look for the ELITE Team at the Florida State Fair, The Florida Strawberry Festival, Tampa International Airport, Nativity Catholic Church's Novemberfest, and anywhere else in the community where the voice of music can be heard loud and clear! Call us today at 813-685-5998 to find the perfect fit for you musical needs,and to be a part of a musical generation on the move!


We have one of the most complete and modern repair departments on Florida's gulf coast. Our facility employs five technicians who can repair almost any instrument in a timely and efficient manner (typically no more than a one-week turnaround). Our technicians are professional musicians who NAPBIRTunderstand your needs and know how important your instrument is to you. Our repair technicians are members of NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians). All repair work is done in house at our Brandon store. Music Showcase offers FREE ESTIMATES on all instrument repairs. We repair pro and intermediate instruments as well as student models. Simply bring your instrument by our store in Brandon, Florida and we will provide you with a free estimate - its that easy! Let us take the worry out of repairing your instrument. Contact us today! Click here to see our Repair Services: