Muni Strings is a professional stringed instrument shop that strives to offer exceptional instruments, quality rentals and comprehensive instrument and bow repairs. We offer a broad selection of fine antique and modern violins, violas, cellos, and bows that meet the needs of musicians. We focus on maximizing the sound potential of the instrument and custom fitting it to the requirements of the player. Every aspect of the instrument is evaluated to make sure the instrument is balanced, projects, offers a beautiful range of tonal color, and accommodates the individual player's ergonomics. All instruments are completed exclusively in our workshop by a highly skilled and experienced luthier who is also an accomplished musician on violin, viola, and cello. The unique combination of skills allows our luthier to achieve the greatest quality by perceiving minute changes that affect the playability and tonal quality of the instruments. We are constantly pursuing perfection whether working on our own shop's instruments and bows or those of our customers. We focus on individual customer service by understanding the needs of our customers. All of our work is guaranteed for complete satisfaction. Whether you need a new instrument or have a question about your current instrument, bow or accessories, we are here to work with you and find exactly what you need.


We are dedicated to providing individual service to all of our customers in order to help in the decision making process; whether an instrument or bow is purchased or if an instrument is rented or needs repair. We offer an excellent selections of violins, violas, cellos and bows to help you find an instrument that suits your needs. From antique to modern, we hold our instruments to the highest standards while still offering an exceptional value. All of our instruments are hand carved and varnished using only the best quality materials. Every instrument is completed on-site by our expert luthier to ensure superior quality. We can customize each instrument to match the individual player's ergonomics free of charge. Our antique instrument collection includes a variety of beautifully restored European instruments. Please contact us for current availability. Muni Strings backs all instruments with a life-time guarantee. We guarantee all of our instruments to be free of defects in craftsmanship or materials. We care about our customers and our job is not complete until you are satisfied.
What Makes Our Instruments Better?
  • Superior Quality Materials
  • Expert Workmanship
  • Free Customization
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • All Adjustments & Repairs Completed On-Site

Sizes Available Violins: 4/4 - 1/32 Violas: 16.5" - 12" Cellos: 4/4 - 1/4

All Instrument Purchases Come With a Bow, Case and Rosin
We offer a wide selection of violin, viola and cello bows including fine pernambuco, European, antique, carbon and student models. We are official dealers of JonPaul carbon bows and Arcos Brasil bows. Please contact us for current availability.

Trade-in Policies 
We offer a 75% trade-in on any instrument purchased at Muni Strings that may be applied to any instrument of great or equal value. The trade-in instrument is due back at the time of purchasing the new instrument. The trade-in value is based on the purchase price of the instrument and does not include sales tax or any accessories purchased in addition to the instrument.

Take Home Trials 
Our goal is to help you find an instrument that meets the needs of the player, parents and teacher while staying within the specified budget. For that reason we have a wide variety of instruments in each price range for you to try and evaluate. Once the instruments have been evaluated in our shop, we also allow you to take the top choice(s) home for a free in-home evaluation. This allows the musician to further evaluate the instrument in different environments, get teacher feedback, and relieves pressure from the decision making process. Muni Strings offers free in-home trials on all of our instruments and bows for up to 7 days. The instrument(s) or bow(s) must be returned to Muni Strings in the same condition as when the trial period began or repair charges may apply. It is important to note that the individual taking the instrument(s) or bow(s) on trial assumes full responsibility until they are returned to Muni Strings. If the items taken on trial are not returned the items must be paid for in full. If more time is needed for trial, please call us to make further arrangements.

We offer an extensive selection of accessories for violin, viola, cello and bass, as well as some commonly needed books and accessories.
Essential Elements 2000 for Strings Essential Technique 2000 for Strings Suzuki Method Book & CD Series Endpin Straps Strings

Music Stands Metronome/Tuners Shoulder Rests Rosin Cleaning Cloths
While we try to keep a variety of brands on hand, if you need a specific string, type of rosin etc. please let us know. All string purchases ship free. In addition to music accessories, we also offer a wide selection of unique musical gifts and jewelry including music bags, magnets, coffee mugs, ornaments, earrings, necklaces and much more.


We believe that beginning musicians deserve to have their instruments adhere to the same standard as professional musicians. For that reason all of our rental violins, violas, and cellos are entirely hand made and individually set-up using the best materials and highest standards. We focus on maximizing the sound potential of the instrument and custom fitting it to the requirements of the player. Every aspect of the instrument is evaluated to make sure the instrument is balanced, projects, has optimum tone quality and ease of play. We are official Orange County Public School (OCPS) vendors and exceed OCPS and MENC (Music Educators' National Conference) standards.

Sizes Available:

Violins4/4-1/32$25/month ($20 Rental + $5 Insurance)
Violas16.5"-12"$35/month ($30 Rental + $5 Insurance)
Cellos4/4-1/4$47/month ($40 Rental + $7 Insurance)

All instruments come with an outfit that includes a bow, hard foam case or cello bag and rosin. All rentals subject to availability.

Rental Program Features

  • Month to month contracts with 2 months due at signing of contract
  • No fee for changing instrument size or model
  • No obligation, cancel at anytime without cancellation or restocking fee
  • All instruments individually set-up and adjusted by experienced luthier
  • Insurance plan included in price (some exclusions apply, ask for details)
  • 100% of the first 6 months and 50% of all subsequent rent may be applied towards the purchase of any instrument of greater or equal value
  • Purchase the instrument you're renting within the first 6 months and get a 10% discount
  • Any instrument purchased from us may be traded in at 75% of purchase price to be used towards the purchase of another instrument of greater value
  • Rental credit remains on your account until it is used


Muni Strings has a full range of repair and restoration services for violin, viola, cello, and bows. All repairs are completed on site by Daniel Muni, a classically trained luthier with 18 years experience and an accomplished musician. Repairs consultations are provided free of charge. In the consultation we seek to understand your needs and help you understand the instrument's needs. We provide you with different options depending on your requirements and fully explain each option in terms of how it will meet those requirements. Once you decide to have the work completed we will provide a written estimate that will not change except by your request. Even if there are unforeseen problems that we must fix, you will not have any unexpected charge. The price we quote is the price you can expect on the final invoice. We take great pride in the quality of our work and materials. All repairs are guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship and materials. If you ever have a problem with our work, please let us know and we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our job is not complete until you are totally satisfied. Every repair is different and poses unique challenges. For that reason it is difficult to provide exact repair costs without seeing the instrument. An appointment is required for all repair evaluations.

Please inquire for all repair or restoration pricing.

Setups and Tonal Adjustments

A proper setup and tonal adjustment are essential for an instrument to sound its best. Even the best instruments will not live up to their potential if they are not setup and adjusted correctly. An instrument's setup is the lens through which it is viewed. Even the most beautiful images can be distorted by the wrong lens. In the same way, a poorly adjusted instrument will limit your ability to explore tonal nuances and will limit dynamic contrast. While every instrument has its physical limitations it is our goal to provide a clear picture of the potential within each instrument. If you need more sound or a different quality of tone but are not ready to invest in a new instrument consider having your instrument professionally setup and adjusted. Once your instrument is setup correctly, it is important to have it routinely adjusted every 6-12 months in order to preserve optimal tone. We provide this service free of charge on instruments that were purchased from Muni Strings.


We offer written appraisals on any instrument or bow purchased from us at no additional cost. Written appraisals for instruments or bows purchased elsewhere are available for $75 per item. An appointment is required for all appraisals.