Michael Edward’s Custom Guitars was founded by Michael Barone Sr. and his son Michael Barone Jr. Michael Sr., who had been woodworking for the better part of his life as a hobby, was approached by his son one day, Michael Jr. had found a typical knock-off strat and wanted to refinish it. When the guitar was brought down to the wood, they had noticed that it was not what you would consider to be “choice” tone wood. This old guitar was made out of plywood. They decided to ditch the old body altogether and create a new one. After a few days and countless hours of calculating, cutting, and sanding, the guitar went back together with its new body. The guitar worked! 

Always enjoying the idea of a good challenge, they decided to build another; this one with the majority of its components built in house. Although it took longer than the first, with more challenges to overcome, the guitar came together. The guitar had a better feel, sweeter tone, and was all around a better play than the first. It was then that Michael and his son realized the more they could control each piece of the guitar, the better product they could make. To this day, Michael Sr. and Michael Jr. haven’t stopped challenging themselves. Each guitar is meticulously crafted and formed to its owner and undergoes a scrutinizing quality control. We believe that the guitar is an extension of its player. Music is the voice of the soul. 

Although some might say, “There is no such thing as perfection”, We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and ingenuity.