Miami Music Works was founded in 1991 by John and Candace Rose together with Michael and Donna Schreiner. The company’s goal remains to further music education. The benefits of studying music to an individual’s development are numerous. We think it is the most long lasting and substantial gift a person is given.

When we opened our store we had 7 private studios and today operate 11. We now also have an "at home" program where we send a teacher to your house. We teach piano, voice, guitar, bass, cello, violin, saxophone, flute, clarinet, and drum. We have from beginning to advanced students of all ages. We offer an annual recital that students may choose to participate in. A taste of performance goes a long way toward motivating a student to practice.

To keep the teens' interest, which most of us know is not easy, we offer Rock Ensemble for the intermediate to advanced students. Our instructor auditions and places the students in age-appropriate bands. They too have opportunities to perform. It is important to share with friends and family this skill that the student is working diligently on.

Enthusiasm and creativity are what we look for in our teachers. We solicit from University of Miami, Florida International University and Miami Dade College. Our teachers may start teaching for us in their junior or senior year, majoring on the instrument they are teaching, and often stay with us after graduation. Enthusiasm is contagious, which serves our students well and creativity is necessary to keep their interest. Big surprise, kids have changed over the last 25 years and so have we.



We specialize in pianos. If it has anything to do with pianos, we get it. We sell pianos, new and used, rent pianos, lease pianos, consign pianos, service pianos, rebuild pianos, tune pianos, move pianos, trade pianos, buy pianos and teach you how to play pianos in our private studios or your home. We are piano nerds and proud of our distinction.

People who love pianos enjoy sharing their admiration of the instrument. We do just that with information. Piano is our area of expertise and we excel at it. We recognize that many customers are hesitant because they know so little about pianos. We can fix that. Often the purchase is for a child studying piano and not certain they will “stick with it”. We can fix that. We have rental programs, rent to own programs, trade up programs, finance programs and lowest price guarantee programs so “stick with it” can have an opportunity, with room to grow.

Viscount Organs

More than 100 years ago, in Mondaino, Italy, Antonio Galanti devoted much of his time developing the first Galanti accordion. In subsequent years the accordion was continually improved and in 1955 a device was invented to allow basses to be played freely. In 1959 Marcello Galanti founded Viscount International. In the 1980’s electronic musical instruments were completely re-born thanks to the advent of digital technology. The 21st Century heightened global competition. Viscount introduced an innovative sound-generation technology based on physical modeling – offering electronic musical instruments with exclusive performance advantages.

Sound Systems: Pro-Audio

Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixing Boards, Microphones, Cables, Stands...

From small portable equipment to large permanent installations, for when you want to be heard. We have provided sound solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, clubs, school auditoriums, chapels, sanctuaries and football fields. If you have an existing system that isn’t performing to meet your needs invite us to evaluate it. Often a minimum of components can be replaced, your equipment utilized better, and produce the sound you want. 

Electrovoice EV 

Electrovoice has a broad range of pro audio equipment. We have used this brand in most of our permanent installations. When I evaluate sound I must be able to hear each word clearly. The balance and clarity of EV is wonderful to the ear. Not a big football fan but I just happened to be watching the Cowboys start of their first game in their relatively new stadium. As the national anthem was sung you could watch all the players looking up for speakers as they could hear it like never before. They were the pioneers of wireless microphones, or should I say explorers. NASA thought their stuff was out of this world, they took it to the moon.


Yamaha offers a great line of pro audio too. We like the portability of most of the line. It works well for the gigging musician. It is a name recognized worldwide. They have incredible small portable PA’s at a great price point. Sound, you have to hear it.

Music Lessons


We teach Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute privately from 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM Monday thru Thursday, Friday 2:00PM to 6:00PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Lessons are only $28.00 a half hour weekly. Our teachers love what they do and it is an inspiration for our students. Email us and we will send a flier about our program.

At Your Home

If you can’t come to us we can often send a teacher to you. Lessons start at forty five minutes and cost $45.00.

Rock Ensemble for Intermediate Students

Join a band, enjoy and hone your skill. $25.00 Friday and Saturday afternoon/evening rehearsals. Click here to visit some of our previous shows


It is imperative for success. We have programs to fit most budgets so your student may have an instrument in their hands. We have rental programs, rent to own programs, and finance programs for pianos. Pianos can be traded up and sold on consignment, Your student must have a dependable, easy to use instrument at their disposal to participate in our programs. It is their "tool for success."