Live! was started from the idea of teaching music education through contemporary music, and it became a way of engaging creativity in a business, in a studio, and every point of singularity that walks through our doors.

We actively work towards establishing a collaborative network of forward thinking organizations and individuals to produce and participate in clinics, workshops and festivals for our students and our city.

We offer Performance Programs and Private Lessons that fit each student's style & level. All students enrolled at Live! have access to periodical workshops and clinics with some of Miami's most substantial musicians, access to scholarships for Berklee's 5-week summer program and unique internship experiences.


Performance Program

AGES 8 - 18

Enrolled students have access to Berklee scholarships, numerous performance opportunities around Miami, one-on-one mentorship, interactive musicianship classes, and band practice each week.


(x2) 18 Week Program | 3hrs per Week

  • 45min Sectionals: Same instrument groups where students learn their individual parts as they record, produce and explore sounds in Logic ProX.
  • 1.5hrs Band Practice: Bringing it all together in a band setting.  Students fine tune their repertoire for showtime.
  • 45min Musicianship: Exploring all elements of music based on each level’s focus.
LIVE 1 Focus
Ages 8-11
Experiential Stage

We feel students learn music best when their curiosity is given room to grow, that’s why exploration, intuition and performing are integral to the Live 1 experience. Students get their first taste of music theory, sight-reading and rhythms through games and activities that stimulate, while still being easy to digest.

LIVE 2 Focus
Ages 12-14
Technique & Performance

The Live 2 curriculum focuses on the technicalities of each student’s chosen instrument, as well as improvisation, composition and the exploration of world music. Building upon the foundations taught in Live 1, students continue to explore their connection to sound through body movement, interpretation, and performance.

LIVE 3 Focus
Ages 15-18
Portfolio Development

At this stage of the game, Live 3 students are ready to take their music education to the next level, seeking music as a professional pursuit. While students continue their work on improvisation and performance, they dive deep into songwriting, creating original compositions, music production and recording.


LIVE 1 • 4:30pm-6:00pm | LIVE 2 • 6:00pm-7:30pm | LIVE 3 • 7:30pm-9:00pm

Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday or Saturday (10:00am-1:00pm)



Sibling discount 10%off based on full tuition upfront


Private Lessons


Students get the one-on-one attention they need in order to fine tune their skills. Enrolled students play two in-house recitals each year.


Year Long Program | Once a Week

  • 30min Lesson for students 6-8yrs old
  • 45min Lessons for students 8+yrs old

Monday through Saturday


30min – $150/month
45min – $220/month

Students enrolled in Performance Program or Adults Program, get 45min Private Lessons at a special rate of $180/month

Sibling discount 10%off based on full tuition upfront


Adults Program

AGES 19 +

If you’ve been craving a creative workout or just need a space to disconnect from day-to-day life, the Adults Program is just what you need.  Rehearse contemporary repertoire in a band setting and get ready to showcase your talents at some of Miami's best venues.


12 Week Program | Once a Week

  • 1.5hrs Band Practice