José R. Luis, Cuban Guitarmaker & Luthier

4532 W Minnehaha St, Tampa, FL 33614, USA

José R. Luis, a guitarmaker and luthier from Cuba, has been building guitars since 1989. He now resides in Tampa, Florida. José R. Luis specializes in making concert classical guitars, flamenco guitars, requintos, Cuban lutes and Cuban tres guitars. In 1994, Mr. Luis studied with Manuel Cáceres, a renowned Spanish luthier of classical guitars and flamenco guitars in Madrid. Mr. Luis is also self-taught in the art and craft of guitarmaking.

José devotes a great deal of time to ensure that each guitar built by him exceeds his clients’ expectations, from carefully selecting the finest woods to flawlessly finishing the instrument.

José R. Luis is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music of Cuba, where he studied classical guitar under Aldo Rodríguez (a student of Alirio Díaz), mechanical design, acoustics and physics. Mr. Luis takes advantage of his guitar playing ability to enhance his skill at designing and crafting exquisitely constructed instruments. Most of Mr. Luis instruments have been sold to professional guitarists, students and collectors.