What We Offer

Custom highest quality hand crafted guitars and violins at lowest cost directly from our workshop. We build our instruments using selected materials and solid construction methods in "solera". Our guitar necks are made from a single piece of mahogany or spanish cedar with carbon fiber reinforcements. Al our instruments are shellac finished by French polish methods or green finishes.


At age 14 a concert guitar made by Jose A. Perez Menchaca™ competes in the "Bienal Latinoamericana de Luteria" sponsored by the Lucchelli-Bonadeo Institute. Developing his unique stile of instruments construction techniques inherited from his uncle Jose Yacopi plus own new acoustic research and development, a year later; Maestro Jose A. Perez Menchaca™ begins to construct classical concert, studio, acoustic guitars, requintos and other type of strings instruments for "Casa RICORDI AMERICANA" from year 1966 until 1976. 

After a prolonged participation during 1977-1983 restoring antiquities by an invitation from Dr. Ricardo Alegria, through campaign hosted by the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture; Luthier Jose A. Perez Menchaca™ was requested by the "Festival Casals" to perform the restoration of Master Pablo Casals' "Vuillame" cello guarded in the Pablo Casals Museum .San Juan, Puerto Rico). 

Devoting perhaps 40% of his time to work on bowed instruments, with the rest of his energy allotted to plucked instruments, like mandolins, requintos, classical and acoustic guitars, jazz etc. 

* - "All my work is done entirely by hand including the finish which is only done in French Polish style, I work exclusively by engagement. Only a limited edition of new instruments are handcrafted at the time, the exigencies of my craftsmanship requires it. If you have any instrument-related inquiry by all means, please get in touch." 

* - "The very first instruments I ever made were concert guitars . Since then, I have worked on thousands of instruments, from the magnificent to the bizarre. My real specialty is bringing out the potential in instruments and make them excel." 

* - "I have widely fashioned on every imaginable kind of instruments: classical concert and flamenco guitars, requintos, charangos, lutes, mandolins, violins, cellos, acoustics, archtops, flattops, Selmers, baroque guitars, and vihuelas." 

* -"Over the last 45 years I have combined meticulous proficiency in some remarkable instruments, for example:
The complete lute/mandolin family in its various and splendid cultural manifestations, from the Andes to Mt. Fuji, including Brazilian mandolins, bandurrías, citterns, lauds, and octave mandolins. The Greek bouzouki family (the real bouzoukis!) and its cousin the mandolin, New World instruments, the Mexican guitarrón, Peruvian charangos and Puerto Rican cuatros, Cuban tres and all the other members of the Latin family of string instruments including its numerous guitar variants like the bajo sexto, laud, bandurria, jarána, cavaquinho, ukulele, all the Portuguese violas and guitarras, tamburas, balalaikas, laoutos, cobzas, European lutes and ouds."