Jerry Welch, The Lefty Guitar Story...

Jerry Welch, owner of Jerry's Lefty Guitars, was born in Kentucky and lived in Florida from age 6. "Bought my first guitar (a right handed Martin Vega V845, because I'm right handed) in 1975 just before my 21st birthday. Two weeks later I cut off my left index finger in a construction accident (I was a full time carpenter since age 17). I thought my guitar playing days were done. "A few years later, I decided I really wanted to play and it seemed playing left handed was the answer. Having a full hand to fret with seemed more important than a full hand to strum with. So I became a lefty player. I banged around on that turned around Vega for years before deciding to find a factory lefty. Any lefty knows what happened next, frustration. Not even 1% of guitars built are lefties, even though 8% to 10% of the population are lefties.

"I eventually accumulated a large collection of lefties but was unhappy with the limited choices all lefties have. I wanted more choices so I spoke with many manufacturers about making more models available. I was told pretty unanimously that they would be happy to make me lefties if I would order them in quantities that would make production feasible. So I did, and here I am a dealer.

"I'm finally getting to play a wider range of instruments. I'm having guitars built lefty that have never before been available. I'm working every day to expand the lefty playing options." — Jerry Welch

We order, stock and sell "only" left-handed guitars. Hundreds of lefty guitars in stock.