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Is it true that studying music makes you smarter?

A recent study by Harvard graduate students shows that there are no increases in intelligence as a direct result of studying music.  However, numerous studies have shown that music students, across all demographics, score better on standardized tests and have higher grade point averages than non music students.  Researchers have been unable to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, whether or not this is a direct result of the study of music.    

How long does it take to become a “good” musician?

This varies from person to person.   We have seen students demonstrate significant musical improvement and achievement anywhere from four to twelve months of instruction.  Although each student does progress at his or her own pace, it takes many hours of consistent and independent daily practice to become proficient at an instrument.  Your instructor will give you the tools and knowledge you will need to be successful.  However, it is up to you to decide what you will do with the knowledge your instructor has empowered you with.

How much should I (or my child) be practicing each day?

For beginners, we recommend 20-30 minutes of daily practice.  This does NOT include band practice or jam sessions with friends.  Furthermore, it’s not the duration of the practice that counts. It’s the quality and productivity of each practice session that is most beneficial.   It is important that our students practice in order to get the most from our music lessons.

Will I have the same teacher each week for my music lessons?

We rarely transfer students to other music teachers..

How often will my music lessons be held?

Once a week.

Should I sign up for 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute music lessons?

We recommend that beginners of all ages and children under the age of 12 sign up for 30 minute lessons, as longer lessons can be somewhat overwhelming for beginners.  45 and 60 minute lessons are the recommended for students who have been playing consistently for at least a year. 

How can I pay for my music lessons?

Music lessons are paid for in advance in one month increments..  You will be billed once a month for the following month's lessons via USPS or email where you can pay with a credit card.  You may also pay by cash or check at your lesson. 

Are there any enrollment fees?

Absolutely not. We are one of the only studios in the area that does not charge an enrollment fee.

Will I have to purchase my own lesson materials?

Yes. This usually involves one or two method books pertaining to your particular instrument.

Will I have to make any long term commitments when I sign up for music lessons?

No.  Save the binding contracts for the phone and cable companies.  Lessons are paid for in advance by the month and you may cancel at any time. We simply request that you give us a two week notice before cancelling your lessons.

Will my music lessons cost more if there are five weeks for my lesson scheduled day during the month?

No.  Regardless of how may weeks there are, our prices are fixed each month.  You are guaranteed at least four lessons a month unless your lesson day falls on a major holiday. Major holidays are considered days in which public schools are closed.