Mission Statement of the Hillsborough Community College Program of Music  
Recognizing that music is among the oldest of art forms with a history and tradition that has been touched by many of the greatest minds in human history, and that its value and worth speaks to the intellectual fabric and emotional soul of society far exceeding mere entertainment and commercial usage, our mission is to bring awareness of and appreciation for that history, tradition and worthy current trends to new generations of students and the community we serve. 

The primary goal of Hillsborough Community College’s Program of Music is to provide its students the opportunity to learn skills necessary for advancement to the next level of musical education, typically the transfer to a university Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Education program. The secondary goal of Hillsborough Community College’s Program of Music is to provide the local community with cultural experiences in the form of concerts and recitals performed by our students, faculty and guest artists. Additionally our ensembles, student performers and faculty are available for outreach programs. 

Hillsborough Community College offers a course of study in music that roughly parallels the first two years of music study at a 4-year institution. Current offerings include a four-semester sequence of music theory/aural skills, applied music lessons in all the traditional instruments and voice, and ensembles both large and small. Additionally courses in piano proficiency, musical theatre and the use of MIDI technology are offered. The music program employs a faculty of experienced educators and professional performing musicians. Students have the opportunity of gaining instruction from mentors who have not only gone through the academic process themselves, but who can pass on a wealth of professional performance skills and know-how. Students have numerous performance opportunities through student recitals and ensemble concerts. Additional opportunities occur through community needs and invitations to perform for various causes.