Simply put, at Guitar- The Easy Way LLC, music is our passion. We are passionate about all different genres of music, and we are wholly dedicated to spreading the joy that comes from playing a musical instrument to as many of the citizens of Fort Meyer as we can.

We provide a thoroughly professional background in music theory, piano and guitar teaching services using the most up-to-date, industry leading pedagogical techniques to ensure that the client benefits fully from the lesson experience and leaves with a greater understanding and love of music and is eager to return the next week.

In addition to this, we at Guitar- The Easy Way LLC know that music should be fun; it is something to be reveled in, celebrated, and enjoyed. We make the instrument learning process as accessible and enjoyable as possible for all of our students. We want you to feel relaxed in the beginning guitar lessons, to make mistakes and learn from them, to enjoy practicing at home and, most of all, to love your instrument in the way that we love teaching it.

Over the course of our period in operation, Guitar- The Easy Way LLC has established an outstanding reputation for the quality of musical education that we provide. Nevertheless, we know that it is important that we pride ourselves on more than solely our musical results.

At Guitar- The Easy Way LLC we are dedicated to providing all of our students with the highest levels of customer care available anywhere in Fort Meyer’s music education industry. It is our warm, compassionate and personalized consumer service that differentiates us from the competition and makes Guitar- The Easy Way LLC the ultimate destination for all of your current musical education requirements in Florida.

Guitar- The Easy Way LLC is extensively experienced in all facets of the musical education process in guitar, piano and music theory, and we accommodate clients of all levels with equal proficiency and expertise.

We are more than happy to take on children as well as middle aged and mature clients-it is never too late or early to learn an instrument!-and we have great success in teaching clients of all age demographics, experience levels, and musical preferences.

When taken at face value, music theory, and the process of reading score sheets of music, understanding the symbols, the grammar, and the syntax of a composition, as well as comprehending the terminologies and scientific and mathematical underpinnings of music as a discipline, can seem perhaps the most daunting dynamic of the study of the field. But, at Guitar- The Easy Way LLC we are here to reduce and remove the stress, pressure, boredom, and difficulty and reintroduce some of the fun. After all, when studied and understood effectively, the knowledge and understanding of the theory of music can enhance your appreciation of the art. 

We take the student through an understanding of all of the component parts of a given piece: rhythm, harmony (harmonic function), melody, and structure, form, texture, etc, and help them to understand their function and significance in the composition. We will also take you through all scales and modes and teach you all the symbols that are used to compose a score. By the time you are finished with our music theory lessons, you will read scores like you do a book and really understand what you hear.