Welcome to Guitar Players Center.com. Before I delve further into online guitar lessons, allow me to present several new services offered. Guitar Repair Setup, Maintenance, Odd Repairs and Modifications. Those who seek guitar repairs, banjo repairs, and electric tube amp repairs check my repair page. If your curiosity is getting the best of you please go to www.experienceguitarreapirssetup.com.

The fact is, online guitar lessons, and face-to-face guitar lessons are diminishing in popularity primarily as a result of an overabundance of free lessons on the Internet, particularly YouTube.  I’m an old fashioned guitar teacher and believe beginner guitar students must be trained by a human in order to properly develop technique, and grasp the intangibles that can’t be taught online.

On the other hand, once my students show results, gain confidence, and skills, I often encourage using free online guitar lesson recourses, and continuing face-to-face lessons at my studio.

The reason for the shift has to do with customers, students, and musicians who own hard to play guitars: especially brand new guitars including high dollar models, and low cost models. As a teacher, every student receives a lesson in how to maintain his or her guitar, including a free setup for inexperienced guitar students.

If you are not clear about what I have to say, allow me to present a different scenario that may make more sense.  Lets say you have a difficult car to drive, depending on how difficult it is to drive, the enjoyment level decreases and you might end up not driving your auto, or, selling it. Conceivably, the vehicle may need a simple front-end alignment to eliminate the difficulty in driving.

Now, I want you to consider a guitar repair setup the equivalent of an alignment. The process is simple, inexpensive, and improves the playability of ones guitar.

My hope is you will look at my guitar lesson reviews and enjoy them, perhaps taking advantage of free trials, and promos. Only you can make the decision on the best guitar lessons for you.

I appreciate that you came to my site and read it. I hope it sinks in, and hope to hear from you.