Quality Hand Crafted Guitars, Folk Instruments & Art

Gregory Monroe is a self-taught wood carver and luthier who follows what he refers to as “Spiritual Inspiration” in the design and craftsmanship of his Musical Instruments and Folk Art.

Every item that comes off his workbench is unique in it’s own way. Every design is a re-invention of the past. Each has a story to tell, a song to sing.

"My work, I’m told 'Has the Mojo'. As the Ancient Artisans of old, I pay my way with my craft. I’m a Luthier, one who makes stringed instruments." – G.S.Monroe

Customer Reviews
In days past there were differences in the folk instruments that were made. Some were made by people like me – rough but reasonably workable instruments. Some were made by people like GS Monroe – beautifully constructed, clear toned, lovely works of art. I own one of Monroe’s 3-string fretted guitars. I can compare it with a similar (construction and price) guitar from another source. The similar guitar is lovely. CS Monroe’s is light years ahead in workmanship and sound (both pure acoustic and amplified). I hope to get a second Monroe instrument very soon. – A johnson

 “G.S. Monroe is a builder of high quality folk music instruments that challenges tradition head on.  Built to last, sound great and be easy to play are what defines his instruments.”  – Don Goguen

“GS Monroe made me a beautiful cigar box guitar. Before he made it he asked me a lot of relevant questions as to my preferences. When he found out my go to guitar was a 12 string, he suggested three paired strings. This gave the guitar more voice unplugged and a unique sound plugged in to an amp. The work and artistry that went in to this guitar make it a truly beautiful piece that is heirloom quality. Looking forward to the next one I buy from him!” –  Gary T. Cooper