About the Degree
The bachelor’s degree in music is a non-professional liberal arts degree for students who wish to study a general music curriculum. The program includes music theory, music history, conducting, music technology, applied music (private lessons) and participation in ensembles. Recipients of this degree may continue with graduate study in music, enter professional schools such as law or medicine, work in music-related fields such as publishing, retail business, recording, or arts management, or work in other fields not requiring a specific bachelor’s degree.
A quick outline of this degree is listed below as well as a suggested four-year course of study.  (Of course, coming to Florida College with AP and duel enrollments courses will give you more time to participate in all of the shool's activities.)
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Core classes (math, english, etc) leading to an AA along with the following music classes: 
Entrance Requirements for all Music Majors
Students who have been admitted to Florida College must also complete an application to be accepted into the major. The application process includes an audition/interview with the applied lesson faculty member(s)   before registering for principal-level lessons and a music theory placement test to determine what music theory classes are needed.

Acceptance status as a music major will be provisional until the successful completion of two semesters of applied lessons, including juries indicating readiness to proceed to the next level and recital performance(s) each semester, and the successful completion of the first two semesters of Music Theory and Aural Theory with a grade of C or better.

All music students must pass a barrier jury before being permitted to register for applied music lessons at the 3000 level. Transfer students will have their transcripts evaluated by the Registrar and the Chair of the Department before being admitted to the program.

For more information, see the Florida College Catalogue or contact Dr. Doug Barlar: [email protected]