Elizabeth Farrell began her music education in 1993 when she started private piano lessons. A year later she joined the instrumental program in her community playing the clarinet. By 8th grade she fully realized music was her passion and has been playing ever since!

In 2002 Elizabeth was accepted to Berklee College of Music for piano which culminated into a Bachelors degree in Music Education. Her professional career began in Connecticut working for a company dedicated to providing music lessons to home schooled children. During that time she taught everything from piano and voice to alto saxophone and baritone horn.

Elizabeth’s next move brought her to the public schools in urban Bridgeport, CT. In Bridgeport, she developed a successful music program in a new school. After only one year, she was chosen to collaborate with the Yale School of Music & Greater Bridgeport Symphony in the Music and Book Writing program. Her students performed the soundtrack and were involved in its composition. Elizabeth also worked closely with the city’s Director of Performing Arts to create an impressive music summer camp.

In 2010 Elizabeth accepted a position in Sarasota Florida as Director of Music at Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences. Her mission was to revive and repair a failing program. In just one year, she turned the music department into a success and brought musical interest, passion and excitement back into the lives of it’s students.

In 2011, Elizabeth made the incredibly difficult decision to leave the public and private school systems in order to concentrate on teaching private music lessons from her home studio in Sarasota FL. Her business success has paved way for opportunities to bring extra value not only to her students, but hopefully music students around the world. www.ElizabethFarrellMusic.com is now being groomed to begin engaging users and students digitally. She plans to facilitate everything from free and paid instructional videos, to digital products like smartphone apps and ebooks.

Elizabeth holds music teaching certification in Florida, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

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