Welcome to Buckmaster Guitars a great source for one-of-a-kind unique specialty guitars.  I take pride in providing high quality instruments to real players who appreciate the finest total experience of professionally assembled and configured electric guitars and basses.  Here you will learn about the opportunity to acquire precision handcrafted guitars and bass guitars intended exclusively for professional players,  celebrity players and collectors who appreciate the uniqueness of superior stringed electric player guitars and bass guitars - these instruments are not like anything you can buy at any music store, these are truly, one-of-a-kind high end axes!

A Buckmaster begins as a custom made or hand selected body.  A custom body could have very rare woods or be of a design unlike any standard.  A hand selected body is chosen for it's high quality looks and finish or may be a rare old body that has been totally stripped, reconditioned and refinished for a unique, yet seasoned hardwood aged player guitar.

Next, a Buckmaster mates a superior neck selected from exclusive supplies of handmade precision crafters or high end manufacturers such as Warmoth Custom Shop.  Generally my necks are made of rare hardwoods like Purpleheart, Wenge, Pau Ferro, Mahogany and a few Maple woods.  The necks often have jumbo stainless steel or quality nickel-silver frets for extreme ease of playability.  

My nickel-silver fret wire is drawn from the finest 18% hard nickel/silver to give long life with steel strings. The composition of this fret wire, while called "nickel/silver", contains no silver at all. The ingredients are brass and nickel.

A few of my necks have an exclusive Stainless Steel Fret Wire for that extra slick feel along with super smooth bending and playability, this is the "stuff"!  Stainless steel is harder and it's life expectancy is much longer than standard fret wire.  You'll like it!