Elegant chamber music for your special event. 

Azalea Strings was first created in 1998 by members of the Graduate String Quartet at the University of Florida. Comprised of all professional musicians, Azalea Strings performs regularly together for special events. We have been providing professional chamber music for weddings and private functions for over 15 years. Our home service area is Naples, Florida, but we are willing to travel throughout the state. 

We are all professional musicians, and we perform regularly with symphonies and ensembles in the region. We are versatile in that we can arrange a group to best suit your needs. We are hired most often as a String Trio, which consists of two violins and a cello. Our groups range from a solo instrumentalist, which is most appropriate for very small, intimate gatherings, to a string quartet, which works the best at large, outdoor parties.

Our roster
Ariel Eliot, violin & viola
Galen Kaup, violin
Dale Sandvold, violin
Scott Crowley, cello
Renee Bartholow, cello
Ariadna Barbe-Villa, bass
Richard Fleisher, harp
Peter Fancovic, piano

String Trio (two violins and a cello)
This group is appropriate for all sized gatherings, repertoire is extensive, sound is full and strong.

String Duo (two violins or violin & cello)
This group works well at smaller, more intimate settings. Because the sound is not as full as the trio, it is not recommended for large, outdoor spaces.

String Quartet (two violins, viola & cello)
This group is best for large, open settings and parties that last longer than three hours. Sound-wise, the quartet is not significantly different from the trio.

Home Area Rates (for reference only)
Duo - $375/first hour, $60/additional half hour
Trio - $550/first hour, $90/additional half hour
Quartet - $725/first hour, $120/additional half hour

For a specialized rate quote, please contact us at [email protected] or call (239) 285-4517.