Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars & Ukuleles

Clearwater, FL 33765, USA

Hand-Crafting Fine Guitars & Ukuleles Since 1958

Augustino LoPrinzi Luthier

What makes an instrument offer up something that is more than simply a sound?

Those who are lucky enough to own a LoPrinzi know--it's that almost indescribable element found in only the finest instruments.  Perhaps it's the luthier's skill in releasing the heart-sound of the tonewood.  It may be the result of decades of old-world skills, honed to the highest level of craftsmanship combined with art.  It could be the care and full attention given to each instrument being created, no matter if it's a fine guitar or ukulele. Come discover the LoPrinzi difference by visiting with us on this site. You'll find that we approach
instrument building as a blending of luthier skills, knowledge and art.  That's when you'll realize that a LoPrinzi is not only among the finest in handmade instruments, but a modern instrument with a legacy as rich as its sound.
Then, when you're ready to try the finest, stop by or contact one of our distinguished dealers, or make an appointment to visit our showroom.  Tell your LoPrinzi dealer what you're looking for in your next instrument and let them guide you to one of our designs or create an instrument custom made for your playing style and sound.  We're proud to partner with some of the finest guitarists and ukulele players in the world--as well as those who simply appreciate the best.

What we do and what we offer

We handcraft three different styles of instruments: Classical Guitars, Steel String Guitars and Ukuleles. While each of these types of fretted instruments differ in construction and playing requirements, the common features of LoPrinzi instruments are their eminent playability, rich sound, exquisite finish and attention to detail.

Every LoPrinzi instrument:

♪ Represents a tremendous value.

♪  Is made entirely in the United States by Augustino and Donna

♪  Embodies the culmination of more than 50 years of instrument design & crafting.

♪  Is responsive, attractive, durable--and guaranteed.