Our Vision

Atlantic Strings was born with the idea that all players of bowed string instruments – Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass – need a customer-focused shop that is part of their local community and dedicated to addressing their specific needs for professional advice, great variety of quality instruments (for sale, lease, or rent-to-own), bows, accessories, music, repairs, and restorations. We carry everything that makes playing these wonderful instruments fun and enjoyable. We are also committed to supporting you and making your shopping/playing experience the best that it can be.

Superior Quality

Our owner, Allen Gatchell, is a professional luthier and our staff is made up of luthiers, restoration specialists, and musicians. No matter what your need, we can help. All of our violins, violas, cellos, and basses are made of the finest materials with superb hand-craftsmanship. Before you receive your instrument, we take great care in its setup and final adjustment. In fact, this is done in our shop to ensure great sound, playability, and outstanding value. Nothing leaves our store that has not met our exacting standards of quality, and our customers have noticed. In fact, they think so much of us and our store that they have voted us #1!

Huge Selection

We have traveled all over the world in search of the best quality instruments at the most reasonable prices. As a result, Atlantic Strings offers exceptional stringed instruments that have the best combination of craftsmanship, materials, and quality. Our pursuit has taken us to Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, China, and Italy. It is in these places that we have found the highest quality modern and antique violins, violas, cellos, and basses at the best prices, and we have brought these instruments home for you.

Atlantic Strings makes it easy to take home the quality instrument you want without having to pay everything up front. We have options to fit every buyer’s needs. Whether you want to take advantage of our rent-to-own program for no interest and no credit check financing, or prefer to use our flex rental program to take home the eligible violin, viola, cello, or bass of your choice for a few months and then return it, one of our programs will work for you. And, when you rent an instrument from Atlantic Strings, you still get the same unparalleled quality and customer service we offer all of our customers. In fact, before your instrument leaves our store we will tune it for you, adjust it for the best possible sound, and support every other need you might have for your violin, viola, cello, or bass for as long as you rent or own it. Click the button below to visit our Rentals Site, see our rental instrument inventory, and select the instrument and rental option that is right for you. View Rental Options

Repairs & Restorations
All of our locations have full-service, in house repair, restoration, and instrument-making facilities. Stop in or call to speak to one of our highly trained and skilled luthiers. Some of the most common services and repairs we provide for violin, viola, cello, and bass include:

  • Bow re-hairs
  • New bridge and sound post fitting
  • Expert tonal adjustments
  • Peg box bushing and peg replacement
  • Fingerboard resurfacing or replacement
  • Crack and seam repairs
  • Appraisals

We also offer custom made instruments, full restorations, and varnish work however big or small. All of our services are done in a prompt manner relative to the size and complexity of the repair. We also offer appointments for while-you-wait installation of strings, tailpieces, and chin rests, as well as a number of other repairs and services for your instrument.