Atlantic Hill Music is the most established emerging artist development, production, recording, and career counseling company in Central Florida, and a leader nationally. Running the full gamut of popular music, we are a complete music company with the proven know how, savvy, and resources to make the difference between a music artist learning the trade, enhancing their skills/talents, and breaking out to accomplish their individual career goals. Our exciting and energetic team dedicates hours of focused energy towards cultivating our musicians and their music. There is no hype at Atlantic Hill Music, only hard work and proven success with legendary music artists such as the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, JoJo, Rob Thomas, Rihanna, and many others. Our Founder & CEO, Tim Coons, has been the mentor to many emerging artists who have reached their goals of success in the music industry. You can be the next one if you have both the talent and the work ethic needed in order to reach for the top the right way.

Our emerging Artist Development Academy is truly unique and results driven. We design a custom program to meet your individual needs. From that point on, Atlantic Hill Music will assist you in reaching your highest skill level possible when it comes to singing and live performing. We help emerging artists to manage their own careers by mentoring them in a productive way throughout the entire process in order to avoid pitfalls whenever possible. The goal is for the emerging artist to attain the highest level of success for their music career. Our services are listed below.


Studio Sessions
Hire V/O Talent
Track Mastering
Music Production
CD/DVD Production


Artist Development
Singers Evaluations
Live Phone Consultations
Image and Fashion


Media Kit



We want each emerging artist to have the foundation to support their music aspirations. Atlantic Hill Music's mission is to help artists achieve their highest overall potential and also to assist them in achieving their career goals.

Atlantic Hill Music is dedicated to developing and forwarding the careers of emerging music artists. The Founder & CEO of Atlantic Hill Music is Tim Coons. He is the original music producer of the iconic pop music group the Backstreet Boys, who have 7 Grammy nominations. He is also the President of Cheiron Music Group, as well an an independent A&R executive, engineer, singer-songwriter, musician, former BMG Ariola recording artist, and musical visionary who has been involved in the music industry for over 35 years. Below are some of the world-famous music recording artists that Tim and the Atlantic Hill Music team have worked with over the years. 

Atlantic Hill Music's legendary Recording & Production facility is located in beautiful Winter Park, FL, just 10 minutes north of downtown Orlando, FL. Throughout the years, many of the best-selling commercial artists in history, including the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, JoJo, and more, have recorded music at the Atlantic Hill Music Studios. As a matter of historical significance, the iconic Backstreet Boys recorded together as a group for the first time ever at the studios back in 1993. Today, many famous commercial artists continue to record music at the Atlantic Hill Music Studios

Atlantic Hill Music offers music recording to singers, musicians, solo acts, bands, and groups.  We can record, engineer, produce, and master a variety of music projects including original composition, cover songs, instrumentals, tracks, beats, soundtrack, film score, background music, voice overs, advertising, commercials, music videos, etc.. Our In-house experts offer over 30 years worth of experience in top-of-the-line music production and recording. Utilizing only state-of-the-art equipment, we achieve the highest overall production quality possible.

Please contact us to discuss your upcoming recording needs. We offer a wide variety of production and recording services to help the aspiring musician, singer, artist, band, Ad Agency, Publisher, or anyone who needs quality sound recordings.