ACMA Provides a venue for nationally touring artists, many award winning performers in the national and international Americana/Folk community. We offer year round shows in a small intimate setting. Every show is a meet and greet the artist.


ACMA is committed to supporting original independent music and musicians with programs that expand community appreciation and education while fostering the creativity and diversity that influence Americana and Roots music.

Our hope is that by aiding in the growth of the Americana and Roots music in our area the community at large will benefit by gaining access to high quality and original acts for performances at charitable events as well as fundraising efforts to enhance the music community at large.

Part of the ACMA mission is to to support original independent music and musicians and to promote original music and connections between musicians and songwriters. To that purpose, back in 2012, a Singer/Songwriter Circle was established where local musicians can meet to share their work.

A core group of musicians meets weekly, with many local and visiting artists joining in as they have time or are in town. The primary purpose is of course to network and support fellow singer/songwriters through sharing of songs, critique (when requested), and discussion.

Members have also been known to throw out challenges, from which several well written songs have been created and have since achieved a fair amount of local fame.


*Develop listening room where:

- Musical events to the community as a whole and where singer-songwriter events can be held

- Promote original music and connections between musicians and songwriters

- Offer workshops


*Enable those who wish to get involved with music the means to do so

*Hold Fundraising events to further expand on our efforts to enhance the music community at large