Welcome to A Joyful Noise Music Store online! We’re a full line music store offering acoustic and electric guitars and basses, amps, pianos, folk instruments, ukuleles, and string instruments. We have band instruments for sale or rent and all the reeds, books, and cleaning supplies to go with them. We also do instrument repairs and private music lessons.

Feel free to come by or give us a call. Whatever you choose, we want you to have a great day!

The desire to own a music store and a custom guitar shop was birthed out of a project that my son Jacob and I started when he was only 14. He was a bass player and wanted something better than the P bass that he was playing at the time. When we weighed his taste in instruments against my budget, we had to compromise. We decided to build a custom bass ourselves. Although we had no experience in this area, the project went very well. The bass was beautiful, and we became much closer. We decided then that someday we would have our own music store with a custom guitar shop. “Someday” turned out to be three years later, which was much longer than Jacob hoped for, but much sooner than I could have possibly imagined.

I acknowledge and thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for the work that he has done in our lives. He has taught us that where we have lack, He has abundance. Where we have no way, He is able to make a way. He is faithful in spite of all our shortcomings. Without the Lord, there would be no joyful noise.

-David Marchlewski